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Art as Energy, Art as therapy

Works of art speak like fairies in fairy tales: you want the unconditional, be granted it, but in an unrecognizable form.

When we think of the concept of art in general, we tend to think of something abstract, something undefined, something far from our daily life, from our concreteness.

On the contrary, the artistic atmosphere Article is something that lives among us and is deeply connected with our life, it has not only to do with cultural value, but it is a fundamental means to re-establish a contact with our innermost desires and moods: to live art as a daily experience, an experience that is able to improve our life, to elevate and lift us.

Art makes visible and tangible what is not, and does so with extreme refinement and delicacy.

Noble and deeply inspiring is the concept that sees art “as therapy”, a therapy that has to do with harmony, imagination and catharsis: a work of art, a play, a ballet or a poem can really improve our lives.

Art therapy already teaches us how the artistic expression of thoughts and aesthetic enjoyment can help us better understand our emotions, the key to accessing happiness and serenity in relationships, both professional and intimate.

The works of art are able to transmit those emotions that belong to the most intimate sphere of the human soul.

The attention paid today to energetic art is not only a trend, but it responds to the need to re-establish a contact between the artistic experience and the fundamental spheres of human existence.

Art contributes to the understanding of the self and is a great way to communicate the fruits of this process to others. Sharing one’s experiences is not easy, as words can be clumsy. Try describing a walk by the lake on a warm afternoon without the aid of a picture.
Alain De Botton – Art as Therapy

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