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Interview with Marina Marfoglia

Her past boasts countless television experiences as a dancer and actress, a personality rich in nuances and talent.

With an innate passion for the arts and for dance, in the last 30 years she has contributed to spreading the teaching and study of the art of dance by founding the F.I.D. (Federazione Italiana Danza) together with her husband Carlo Alberto Cherubini.

Always active in the world of dance, spokesperson for many artistic and cultural initiatives.

A great lover of works of the past, less of modern art

How has the artistic experience influenced your private and professional life?

In every way, the artistic experience has been the basis of my professional and private life, the two have always been connected. I was very dedicated to work but that happens when you love what you do, an artistic job suits creative personalities, and the creative mind always is, both in work and in private.

What do you think about modern art?

I think it’s enigmatic, I’m not really inclined to love modern art, in the last few years we’ve seen some very strange things, sometimes I think some modern works can only be fully understood by the artist who created them. I love classical works!

I know that art is a field that is very close to your heart, how did you experience the artistic environment in the years of your youth?

At the age of 16 I joined the dance troupe of the Studio1 broadcast, Don Lurio, a great choreographer, took me on immediately because he had seen me dancing at the Piper Club, he took me to television and I joined Rita Pavone’s group. I never stopped, one job led to another, then it was up to me to try to stand out, to make a difference.

Dance has always been considered a noble art, how has your work contributed to promoting this concept?

Yes, dance has always been considered a noble discipline, above all it is an art, it is culture! With my husband Carlo Alberto Cherubini we spent years and years fighting for this concept: CONI imposed its command on dance as well, we have always fought for it, dance is an art! We have managed to obtain many awards with FID. Professional dancers, choreographers, teachers agree with us. In spite of this, only in Italy is dance included among sporting activities, by now almost all private schools are under the aegis of sports associations.

Currently, how does the artistic atmosphere influence your life?

The artistic atmosphere will always influence my life. I have been a singer, dancer, actress (working in the Bagaglino company), I had become the classic Showgirl.

Now there are many more broadcasts, but unfortunately few talents, I know how to recognize an artist! I continue to inform myself, to see, I keep up with the times, but I must say that the artistic atmosphere has changed considerably.

The relationship of the public with modern art is very complex, based on your experience, what are the main characteristics of this relationship?

Now I will tell an uncomfortable truth: the public does not approach modern art very willingly because many (including me) are left to the Renaissance, we are left to the great masterpieces of Raphael and Michelangelo, I too am very fond of the great works honestly. We don’t approach post-modernism willingly, it’s difficult to make this transvaluation, in the common imagination when we think of art we think of the great works of the past or even the masterpieces of nineteenth-century impressionism that I personally love!

Do you think Italy promotes and enhances its artistic and cultural heritage?

We have an open-air museum, unparalleled, only in Rome do we have a heritage that could be the engine of the entire nation, but we are not good at valorizing it, the French are much better at this.

I am speechless, let’s talk about the squares of Rome, the works and the history of Florence, St. Mark’s Square in Venice, it is impossible to find another nation that is on a par with us, Italy is pure art, but it doesn’t know how to valorize it.

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