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Matteo Poddie, determined, passionate. Born in Rome, he has always been strongly attracted by the different cultures of the planet and this passion has become his profession.

A director, a photographer who lives to research and tell stories about our deep connection with the world.

Over the past years he has traveled to document and help realities that need support or even simply deserve to be known.

She loves exploring authentic real life stories, diving into the untold and giving them a voice, as they deserve to be heard.

To get in close contact with the subjects, in their lives, to understand them, to empathize with them, to tell their story to the public who ignore the existence of some traditions.

The artist “Through my work I hope to contribute to the preservation of all the traditions that unfortunately with the advent of modernity are likely to disappear forever, so make more aware of future generations to ensure that this sociocultural heritage is valued. Personally, I can say that all my travels and my photographs are about research and understanding of a place where I feel I belong.

Matteo has several projects in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and currently has numerous collaborations in the field of television and tourism.


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