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Paola Romano, Italian artist, painter and sculptor, was born in Monterotondo (Rome) on September 17, 1951. She trained in the artistic environment of Rome, where she lived and worked until 2011 and in 2012 she opened a charming showroom set in the ancient village of her hometown where she currently resides. After a training at RUFA (Rome University of Fine Arts) and continuous study processes, around 2000, he began a more active path in the production of works of art with a strong material content. We are faced with the birth of a new identity, both artistic and personal, and Romano’s works can be found, since the beginning of her production, in prestigious art collections, both public and private. Among her most famous works are the series “Lune” that in 2012 dominated the sky of Via Margutta in Rome, the series “planimetrie”, the “plastics”, the series “zoom”, the suggestive series of works made in fresco, the highly appreciated bronze sculptures and the series “monochromes” in particular the production in white also inserted in the film by Carlo Verdone “Sotto una buona stella” released in Italian cinemas in February 2014. Romano’s art goes perfectly with film sets precisely because of the great aesthetic impact. In 2005 the Italian director “Pupi Avati” noticed the artist during the personal exhibition in Via Margutta at the “Galleria dei Leoni” commissioning her three works for the film “La cena per farli conoscere”.

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