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Sara Bartolini, aka Bartó, was born in Pescia (in the province of Pistoia) in 1985. Since childhood she shows an innate interest in painting that she has the opportunity to put into practice thanks to the lessons received from the painter Sirio.
Just as it happened in the Tuscan Renaissance, Bartó learns drawing and painting directly “in the workshop” from his teacher and painting mentor.
After graduating in advertising graphics, Bartó devoted himself mainly to follow the business of his family, but after a short time he returned to painting, changing completely the style of his early artistic works: the landscapes and portraits of the early years are replaced by abstract and very material works, made mainly in oil, acrylic and wax.
Especially this last element becomes a real “brand” that characterizes the works made in recent years by Bartó: as in an ecstatic dance, the wax castings join the emotions transmitted by the artist’s body and that she brings back in her canvases to transmit them to the observer.
Sara Bartolini’s works have been exhibited in several national and international occasions: on the Italian art review “Art Now”, on the occasion of the International Prize “Leonardo Da Vinci” (Florence); the artist has also participated in the “Luxembourg Art Prize 2020”, in the “International Contest of Contemporary Art”, “Yicca”, she is currently being selected for the International Art Award, “Arte Laguna Prize” 2020/2021 and for the competition “La Quadrata” 2021 organized by the gallery “Il Melograno” (Livorno).
She took part in the international competition “Ars Gratia Artis” 2021 organized by the cultural association “Art Space” at the gallery “Hub/Art” (Milan) where she arrived among the seven finalists.
Among the last collective exhibitions are those of February and March 2021 at the Gallery “Il Melograno” (Livorno).
Bartó is planning other competitions and exhibitions both collective and personal.

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