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My name is Valentino Boccacci, I was born in Rome on April 24, 1984, I graduated from the Art Institute Rome 1 in 2003 and graduated cum laude in 2008 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.

I began my artistic career during the years of the Academy, making experience in the field of sacred mosaic with the master Cesare Vitali from Ravenna. With him I collaborated in the realization of some mosaic works:

in 2006 at the Church of Santa Maria Mater Ecclesiae in Rome we made the decoration of a niche with the representation of St. Peter’s Basilica, then completed in 2012 with a frame of vine shoots;
in 2008 at the chapel of the Transmissions Regiment of Cecchignola we made a decoration with the coat of arms of the Regiment, the papal coat of arms and St. Michael;
in 2009 at the chapel of the Guardia di Finanza of Porta Furba we realized a representation of the Transfiguration;
in 2011 at the Church of St. Hilary of Poitiers in Rome we decorated the walls of the sacristy with ornamental symbols typical of Christianity.
Later I started to work independently, decorating in 2012 the wall of the Tabernacle of the Chapel of the Missionary Sisters of Mercy of Trigoria in Rome.

Regarding the field of modern mosaic, I have created some works that have been variously exhibited during exhibitions and events.

Both in 2013 and 2014 I won the competition “Pictor Imaginarius” in Nazzano with two of my mosaic works “Svolgimenti marini” and “ARDEsia”.

In 2015 I exhibited at the international biennial of art and culture “RomArt” at the Nuova Fiera di Roma.

Since 2015 I have been collaborating with MUEF Art Gallery, for which I have exhibited some modern mosaic works in the exhibitions “Après moi” in 2015, “Kunstkammer” in 2017, “Mal d’amore” in 2019.

In May 2019, in collaboration with the director of the Museum of the River Umberto Pessolano, we created the exhibition “Reduced to the bone”.

At some private individuals I have instead created mosaic and painting interior decoration works on commission.

During my academic studies I had the opportunity to refine specific skills in the craftsmanship of paper and engraving technique. I also dealt with analog and digital photography, with the related printing processes.

Since 2011 I started to gain experience in teaching: in that year I collaborated with the psychiatric rehabilitation center “Villa Letizia”, where I held a mosaic course for patients.

In 2012 I taught the children of the summer center of the Missionary Sisters of Mercy and in 2013 to the boys of the Liceo Scientifico Stanislao Cannizzaro, making them create mosaic works.

In 2014 I worked at the Mosaic Centre of Jericho, holding a training course for Palestinian youth and finally making two mosaic panels, one depicting St. Peter and the other the Good Shepherd.

In 2018, I obtained a specialization degree in anthropo-psycho-pedagogical and didactic subjects for the purpose of a qualification in the field of inclusion teaching.

Currently, with the advice of a specialized psychologist, I offer art courses for people with psychophysical disabilities, as well as continuing the production and dissemination of modern mosaic through collaborations, exhibitions and events.

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