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Accessibility, harmony and passion.

Venerart is a project born from a dream: to re-establish the importance of aesthetic value in a world that too often has limited art to a small elite circle.

The need arises from the need to make the aesthetic experience accessible to everyone: from the simple amateur to the most experienced collector.

Art contributes to the understanding of the self and is a great way to communicate the fruits of this process to others. Sharing one’s experiences is not easy, as words can be clumsy. Try describing a walk by the lake on a warm afternoon without the aid of an image.
Alain De Botton – Art as Therapy

In this path, the inspiration came directly from the philosophy of art and the need to understand our complex times by means of the most refined tool we have.

Following Gilles Deleuze, in our time, it is impossible to conceive the human being separated from the environment that surrounds him, so at the base of the project there is the need to rediscover the union between art and nature, between the individual and the environment that, although not without conflict, is an indissoluble relationship.


Venerart proposes to have a philosophical approach: not only an art gallery, but a point of reference for all those artists who charge their works with an aesthetic value capable of transmitting emotions, it addresses both to expert collectors and to all those who wish to approach art but do not know where to start.

The works are all highly selected according to artistic and aesthetic-philosophical criteria: technique, style, originality and individuality represent fundamental characteristics of the works and moreover each of them transmits an emotion that characterizes the specific value of the work.

Venerart avails itself of art advisors who offer artistic advice and architects who are experts in the field of Feng Shui; they work together to meet the needs of customers who need to find harmony and balance in their homes, workplaces and commercial spaces.

It is already well known how the ancient discipline of Feng Shui, born in China, makes use of works of art and natural elements to recreate a harmonious environment capable of directing our lives towards satisfaction and success in all spheres of existence; in fact, a wrongly arranged environment, a piece of furniture that releases non-beneficial energies, unbeknownst to us, can negatively influence our lives in the professional sphere rather than in the relational one.

Our experts will know, through a detailed analysis of your person, your family and your home, direct you on the most suitable solution to you highly personalized, and also what kind of artwork to buy in line with your growth life!

Who's Behind VenerArt

Giorgia Poddie, born in 1990, a young art and landscape aesthetics enthusiast, art advisor and counselor, after studying philosophy and gaining experience in art galleries in Rome, she felt the need to deepen her studies in philosophy of art, which has always been her passion, and to realize her dream of a gallery that could enhance not only the works of art and the artists, but was also sensitive to the delicate issue of the environment and sustainability.

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